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2 years ago

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My wife has always liked to go on holiday or on the road and saw that it was not supprise when in the last week and had it for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom largeporntube and came back there was a man about 6 feet tail very broard talk to her and smile at some of what he said, that after my return, I said it was Steve, you just say that it is stopping at this hotel for work and was here all week and was not in a word, is good person, a good. and to see my hand and asked him sad shoock Berlin and work here for a week in a nearby factory, so when you have a drink and has a round at night, so I went with Steve too for my wife and I could see that she loved him, we had the past 3 and 4 in the totals. got up to go to the bathroom and why was I told my wife wants to take it, not you, and she smiled and said, well, why not nothing but a good time. as loose as the night I was sitting with her dTracks the flow, so the toughing Taik and turned to sex. The bar closed and then Steve said it was a mini bar, not in his room, and why go there, so until we got into the elevator and I was in the front and I could see how she felt her ass and then his right hand on the side of his chest aroung. once in the elevator entered the room, the bar where the drinks strong and open and I went to the bathroom and the door was largeporntube open and could see Steve put his hand under her skirt and largeporntube then the two kiss, I mean piss and waited a few minutes to make entry and when I returned, my wife told me Wories Steve is a bit about you and told me why, because he wants to have sex with me and told me he would not mind, would you and I said authorization that largeporntube allows you to reach things and that my wife got up and said alltake the clothes from his body, so we went and I must say that Steve was a big guy and I felt small, and should be 10 -11, if not great and very, very thick andthat there is some interest in playing around and put her on the bed and took that road dick in wet pussy and a child will cry some, as he evacuated and came like a train and came to the side view of her and still sperting if pulled hard and was ready for the second round and took his cock and had problems, everything was in his mouth and took only the tip is not he left everything behind and took a long time of the session all... Brest that I have my cock in her wet pussy and came with a 5 or 6 pumps and largeporntube went limp as fuck and shit looked around and he was rock hard again and now they turn around and leave the back and taking a horse. Never had anything like it. This goes for 30 minutes largeporntube until my wife told me pumping kepf break i can not go with that last shot is said wet pussy fucked and my wife is not more than that... We stayed for 1 hour and then went largeporntube largeporntube home, the kind we wanted to stay bt she gets fucked good and had to go... i at all, if there largeporntube are kids in Berlin and we can say shit Irish have no chance
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